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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 17.

Can Otago Do the Hat Trick?

Can Otago Do the Hat Trick?

The Inter-University contest for the Joynt Scroll, to-morrow night, will undoubtedly provide the best debating we've had in the Gym, for years. The motion selected by the judges, G. G. Watson, Esq., the Hon. W. Perry, M.L.C. and the Rev. H. W. Newell is "That the British Commonwealth of Nations should withdraw from the League of Nations." An uncomfortably topical subject since Mussolini ousted Hitler from the headlines.

V.U.C., represented by Miss Shortall and Max Brown, will affirm. They will meet formidable opposition in W. J. Meade and J. S. D. Moore, of O.U., who have a great record, including a win in the 1934 contest at Dunedin. A.U.C. represented by Miss E. M. Johnston and E. K. Braybrooke, will affirm against C.U.C. Miss Johnston is a team in herself; member of A.U.C.'s Joynt Scroll team 1933-4, leader of A.U.C.'s team against Robt. K. Burns, etc., etc. With Mr. Braybrooke she led A.U.C. to victory in the contest for the Athenean Cup, and Braybrooke also represented A.U.C. in the Bledisloe Medal contest.

C.U.C. is represented by Willie Wah and Miss C. Hunter. Willie Wah is an exceptionally cultured and charming speaker who spoke impressively in last year's Joynt Scroll contest. He won C.U.C.'s Debating Scroll in 1934, and Miss Hunter is leading in this year's contest.

The first Joynt Scroll debate to be held in Wellington since 1930 must therefore result in even competition of a high order, as all the speakers have notable records, and the subject itself should evoke controversy aplenty. Competitors and audience alike will fraternise in supper and dancing afterwards, and all for the cost of one shilling.