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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1933. Volume 4. Number 5.


page 3


I wish I were an Englishman
Six centuries ago.
I wish I'd been an Englishman
In England's morning glow.
When you could see Saint Athwulf's Hound
Under the trembling moon y-bound
A ghostly shape, with jaws agape while strong men fall aswound.

For I could see the sacred well
Where salty waters bubbling swell
Six days a week—the sacred creek
Flows fresh to Sabbath's bell.
But now I see the Bolshevists,
The Anarchists and Communists,
With wild debate they prance and prate, these militant materialists.

I wish I were an Englishman—
Indeed, I wish it so.
I wish I'd been an Englishman
Mere ten decades ago.
For I could smell the morning dew
Which, like a wraith, the sun up drew—
When each thing was a pretty thing and there was nothing new.

For I could see the cottage thack
Could wander on the winding track
Which led between two walls of green
And aimless, led me back :
But now the clanking trains I ride,
I see the neon flare outside—
The chiefest smell my nose can tell is carbon mon-ox-ide.

I wish I'd been an Englishman
Just fifty years ago;
For they were solid Englishmen
And everything was slow.
For simple faith could then be seen
Sweet modesty and blushing mein;
Their knowledge poor, they trusted more, and more to God would lean.

Then, every person churchward went—
Not sanctimonious in intent.
Their faith was great, their riches great
Which God, respecting, sent.
But now I see the Athesists,
The intellectual pessimists.

Who knowing "nowt" still all things doubt, these loud misanthrophists.