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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1933. Volume 4. Number 5.

Is This the Reason?

Is This the Reason?

Dear "Smad,"—

Who is this stranger come amongst us to usurp the limelight to such an extent as to capture the cover of your "naice" innocuous little tract? To misquote Byron (the author of Juan in America), "I know him not." Not a particularly apt or striking culling from modern literature, but you see Mr. Banister long ago seized upon all the best quotations. But to cut the cackle, boss, who is this nude exposed to the chilly blasts of Kelburn ? Can you imagine yourself in the same predicament, Mr. Edtior? Why not build a high fence round the exhibition of brute strength and positive indecency? Do you want another sermon from the Canon? 'Swounds, Sir, your wit is but poor stuff.

Now. I see no liking to any famous personage in this Titian figure (ask Prof. Life and Beauty if I have my art jargon correct). The build suggests that legendary figure, Martin-Smith; the reversed figure might be C. S, Plank, weeping for the sins of Society. But these are but vague guesses. None of the above would permit himself to pose in such lack of lingerie. Only a radical would do that, and, alas, those are not the legs of comrades Watson and Riske.

No, I see it now. You are paving the way for a new order of things. Soon, beneath this noble nudist, instead of our inspiring but vapid College motto we will read the following captions:—

"Let me make a Man of you,."
"Can you defend yourself?"
"I can make you virile!" (O, Girls).
"Send for my illustrated Catalog."
"Free with 'Smad.' Ten Cents'

Sir, you are unmasked! Your plot is revealed! To the editorial gallows with you and your cover.

Sherlock Robespierre.