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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1933. Volume 4. Number 5.

Plunket Medal Subjects. — Classified List and Speakers

page 5

Plunket Medal Subjects.

Classified List and Speakers.

Below we publish the complete list of winning subjects in the Plunket Medal contest. It is interesting to note that only one subject has won the contest three times (Daniel O'Connell), while Napoleon and Florence Nightingale have won the contest for two different competitors.

Many famous characters in history have yet to win the contest for a speaker, Julius Caesar, Sir Walter Raleigh, Columbus, Goethe, Dante, Shakespeare, Homer, Beethoven, Sir Francis Drake, Clive, and Wolfe, for instance, have yet to figure as a winning subject in this contest.

Another interesting face to note is that no Hero of the Ancient Classical days has yet been a winner.

The list is:—

Beef - Eaters:

  • Duke of Wellington (Mr. F. P. Kelly, 1907).
  • John Hampden (Mr. D. S. Smith. 1908).
  • Charles Dickens (Mr. J. F. Platts-Mills, 1926),
  • Lord Nelson (Mr. H. F. O'Leary, 1906).
  • William Ewart Gladstone (Mr. A. E. Hurley, 1930).


  • James A brain Garfield (Mr. M. H. Oram, 1910).
  • Robert Edward Lee (Mr. A. D. Priestley, 1929).
  • John Reed (Mr. A. Katz, 1938).


  • Napoleon Bonaparte (Mr. F. G. Hall-Jones, 1911).
  • Napoleon Bonaparte (Mr. W. J. Mountjoy. 1928).
  • Ferdinand de Lesseps (Mr. I. L. Hjorring, 1923).


  • Daniel O'Connell (Mr. O. C. Mazengarb, 1912).
  • Daniel O'Connell (Mr. E. J. Fitzgibbon, 1904).
  • Daniel O'Connell (Mr. W. P. Rollings; 1927).
  • Thomas M. Kettle (.Mr. W. E. Leicester, 1922).
  • Charles Stewart Parnell (Mr. P. J. G. Smith, 1922).


  • Giuseppe Garibaldi (Mr. E. Evans, 1916).
  • Cola di Rienzi (Mr. A. S. Tonkin, 1921).


  • David Livingstone (Mr. W. G. Morice, 1909).
  • Charles George Gordon (Mr. C. G. Kirk, 1919).
  • Ramsay Macdonald (Mr. J. W. G. Davidson, 1924).
  • Lord Haldane (Mr. P. Martin-smith, 1918).


  • Toussaint I'Ouverture (Miss Z. R. M. Henderson, 1931).
  • Booker T. Washington (Miss C S.. Forde, 1932).

The Ladies:

  • Jeanne d'Are (Miss M. L. Nicholls, 1913).
  • Florence Nightingale (Miss M. Neumann, 1917).
  • Florence Nightingale (Mr. S. E. Baume, 1925).