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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

Something for the Executive

Something for the Executive.

Dear "Smad,"—

This is not a growl, but a suggestion. As everybody knows, this Col lege is blessed with somewhat primitive provision for the development of the social side of College life, and apart from one or two diminutive Common Booms and a dog-box yclept the Common Common-room and chance meetings in draughty corridors, the students have little or no facility or getting to know who's who in the College, How many of us know all the Executive members?

I agree that it was a splendid move of the Executive Committee to provide that Executive meetings should be open to students (except when in committee), but I feel that a further valuable improvement could be effected by members of the Executive wearing a distinctive badge, as, for example, is done at Auckland and Canterbury. It would be a good idea also to put a photograph of t he Executive members on the Notice Board. These measures would greatly conduce to a closer and more effective relationship between the Executive Committee and the Student Body. As it is at present the Executive, by walking in our midst in full mufti, call to mind the bishop who used to say with modest pride that he "wore no clothes to distinguish him from his fellow-men."

Yours, etc.,