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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

The Executive Replies

The Executive Replies.

We deal seriatim with the points raised by your correspondent:—
1.A miracle is generally beyond human agency, and we assure those members who did not participate in the hard work, that Capping Week is no miracle.
2.Excepting that he did not bear the title Capping Controller, Mr. Perry acted in this position with conspicuous success.
3.Your correspondent, who knows the full fads, seeks to discredit our policy on the "liquor question"; so we have no option but to submit the full facts.

Once or twice prior to Tournament and during the current Association year the Executive has taken action as to liquor being brought to student functions. but nothing took place that would warn us of what was to come fit Tournament.

At the Tournament Rendezvous, however, some members, not all from this College, so overstepped the bounds of propriety that stern disciplinary measures had to be taken. As host, our College has little to be proud of in the conduct of the Rendezvous, and instead of our status among the Colleges being raised, it was lowered.

The behaviour of most at the Ball was exemplary, but there, again, a few supped "not wisely but too well." Whilst not; wishing to give the impression of unbridled license, it is useless to beat about the bush and say that neither the Rev. Howie's sermon nor the remarks in the "Free Lance" were totally unjustified. Though most of the noise was due to hakas and exuberance of feelings, objectionable behaviour did take place, as was admitted in the public press by an ex-student of this College.

We knew, as will be explained later, that the Professorial Board and the College Council were taking official cognisance of complaints that had been made.

These, then, were the facts which the Executive had to face after Tournament and when Capping arrangements were in train.

As a result the Executive decided to publish the terms of a motion passed by them and distribute with every invitation and Ball ticket a slip reading:—


"Your attention is drawn to the following resolution which was carried Unanimously at a meeting of the Kxecutive of the Association on 14th April:—

"That on this occasion of the Capping Ball, as at other Students' Association functions, no intoxicating liquor may be brought to or consumed within the hall or its precincts. Any person who in the opinion of the Executive attempts to violate this rule shall be required forthwith to leave."

The strictest compliance with the foregoing rule will be an essential condition of attendance at the Ball."

This was sent to outsiders and members alike, as the bad behaviour at Tournament was caused not by members alone, and it is impossible to discriminate. The idea expressed in the motion is not new to members.

Action had to be taken in one case only, and our policy was successful, as nothing objectionable took place, which view was confirmed by the Chairman of the Professorial Board, who was at the Ball.

The attitude of the Professorial Board and College page 12 Council is worthy of mention. Several letters had been received by them concerning misbehaviour at Tournament, and though they had contemplated shutting down the functions in the Gymnasium tor a period as a disciplinary measure and had set up a special committee to go into the whole question, yet they took no action in the matter when they were advised of the action taken by the Executive. Thus we see that as long as we govern ourselves properly the Authorities will not interfere.

At the present time, the reference to what takes place at Otago University, is to those who read the daily papers, rather unfortunate. At Dunedin. we regret to say, almost all of the Students' Capping functions have been either compulsorily abandoned or considerably curtailed.

On the other hand, we have not had any restrictions placed upon us, and, in fact, have, by giving guarantees of gentlemanly conduct, been able to have the time of our Capping Ceremony altered from an afternoon to an evening.

We submit to members that our policy has raised the status of the Association in the eyes of the Council. the Hoard, and the public generally. It is for you to say whether this policy is to be carried out in future.

The Executive.