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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

Military Matters

Military Matters.

Dear Smad,"

The following is an open letter to all students over the age of eighteen years and under twenty-five:—

Four years ago the greater part of "C" Company of the 1st Battalion The Wellington Regiment was comprised of students attending V.U.C'. or the Training College. In those days parades were undoubtedly irksome to a few, and to many they were inconvenient, and the prospect of an hour) and a half of "Form Fours" and marching around and around inside the Drill Hall did not appear at all alluring. A visitor to the Hall now could not but notice the change that has taken place for the better. The work done during parades is very interesting, and for most of it. a high standard of physical fitness is necessary. This is attained through the playing of Army games.

No longer is it the aim of hectoring S.M.'s to make a man feel as a microbe in the presence of the magnificent. The appearance of the soldier has been improved by the substitution of riding breeks in place of slacks, and where, before, the appearance of a Territorial was prone to provide indulgent amusement lor some, the appearance of smartly-dressed soldiers now attracts admiration.

The keynote of the present efficiency of "Drill" is that enlistment is voluntary, with the result that the men who comprise the Company are enthusiastic. The only trouble is that there are only too few trainees.

The syllabus of training contains such subjects as Lewis (run training, Mock Battles, Army Games, and Rifle Shooting (both ordinary and automatic), and is drawn up so as to provide a sound Military training which is at the same time interesting.

Are there Sufficient Men In V.U.C. And The Training College To Provide A Complete Company (Officers And Men)? or if there are not, are there sufficient to form a complete platoon? Here is surely a common interest for. the belligerent souls. Therefore, when this appeal meets the eyes of those interested, please pen a note giving name and address, and leave it in the rack for me. and I will see that full particulars of the service required and privileges attached thereto are forwarded.

Write Now and Restore "C" Company to its Past Splendour.

D. E. M. Thomson.

Capt. "C" Company, 1Bn. The Wellington Regiment.