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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

A Question of Manners

A Question of Manners.

Dear "Smad,"

Lately I have been listening to the various burblers advancing their opinions on Student activities, and one thing amazes me extremely—this is, the conceit we students have of our importance. It must be conceit, for what else could make us consider that we have the right to disregard even the elements of good manners?

In particular, this thought was aroused by the adverse criticism of some people, many of whom one would think would be capable of taking a clearer view of affairs, on the behaviour of students at the Capping Ceremony. As we all know, it was probably the quietest public Ceremony on record, and some individuals seem to consider that this fact was a reflection on students in general—that the men have lost their kick or that they were cowed by the authorities. In reality, it was merely an exhibition of good manners; that at last we have realized that at the Capping Ceremony we are the guests of the University Council and the Professorial Board, and that the least we can do is to show our appreciation of their permission to attend one of the most important—no, The most important—functions in a student's career at the University, by behaving in an ordinary well-bred manner. At our own functions. the Undergraduates' Supper, for instance, we always accord our own speakers a cheerful but courteous hearing. We should not put up with a gang of rowdies interrupting in a continuously rude manner. and yet our hosts at the Capping Ceremony have tolerated our discourtesy, to themselves and to their guests, for years.

So. hearty congratulations to this year's Haeremai Club, who demonstrated so effectively that "Undergraduate" is not synonymous with "hoodlum," nor yet with "sap." The men have not lost their kick, but simply show the judgment that one has a right to expect from the University Students.

Sink Prwejudicio.