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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

The Bursar

The Bursar.

The plight of the Bursar
Gets worser and worser;
His lot is belittled,
His bursary's whittled.
His small-talk is terser,
His curses are curser.

He'd counted on Leap Year
To be quite a cheap year
With girls all about him
To pamper and shout him;
But finds it a steep year,
An ebbing, a neap year.

He thinks the Depression
In choosing this Session
To flout his position
And baulk his ambition
Showed lack of discretion
Surpassing expression.

So heigh ho! the Bursar!
The groucher the curser!
The sad dog the phut dog!
The ten-per-cent cut dog!
The one-time fat-purser,
Disgruntled disburser!