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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.



While tennis is now taking a back seat in many quarters, and tennis discussions are being cast aside to make way for such momentous subjects as when the Senior A football team will win a match, the Tennis Club is by no means asleep, and the new courts are getting quite a bit of use. The last few week-ends have seen several hardy members enjoying the rare experience of being able to seen re a court as soon as they arrive, and hold it, undisputed, for the rest of the afternoon.

It is unfortunate that the Club Championships were interrupted by Tournament and the several weeks of its preparations, and now remain unfinished. ft is hoped, however, that outstanding matches will be played-off early next season.

An encouraging improvement has been observed in the play of some of the younger members of the Club during the last season, promising well for Varsity's tennis next season. Don't be bashful about putting your name down for the Inter-Club matches; players in all grades are wanted, and women particularly. In past years the support given to these matches by the women has not been as good as it might, but it is to be hoped that their success in the University Tournament at Easter may make them a little less shy and retiring next season. The experience gained in these matches at Miramar is invaluable, and this is a necessary preliminary to Tournament representation and a New Zealand University Mine. More use could also be made of the Club ladders. Not only do the ladders provide a splendid source of match practice, but also they are the only indication the Committee has of the relative merits of players.

To descend once again to the sordid subject of money.' The next Club activity will be a bridge evening to raise a little more cash for the debt on the courts. The last Tennis Club bridge party was quite successful, in spite of the dirty weather, but this one is going to be a really bright show. So keep your eyes on the notice board and be ready to help the Club by bringing along your friends And their money.

Lesser known activities of the Tennis Club:

Several men have been making exceptional progress lately in wielding a broom clearing water off the courts. Mr. Hutcheson. particularly, has been getting in a considerable amount of practice, and is developing a pleasing style of unusual freedom and grace, ft is comforting to think that if the City Corporation staff unexpectedly went on strike, the University would be in a position to supply capable men to fill some of the lower but none the less important positions.