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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

Executive Letter

Executive Letter.

Dear "Smad,"—

I wish to report to the students through your columns the following matters:—
(1.)There have been no new appointments to the Executive.
(2.)The following have been appointed to the committee of "Spike": Sub-Editors. Miss I. Cornea and Mr. H. C. Read; Sports Editor. Mr. J. A. Carrad.
(3.)The Editor of "Spike" has been authorised to offer two prizes of £1 1s. each for the best prose article or sketch submitted
(4.)On Saturday, May 7th. a benefit performance of the. 1932 Capping Revue was given in the Town Hall, and as a result the Mayor's Unemployment Relief Fund will benefit to the extent of approximately £30.
(5.)A grant of £1 10s. has been made to the Basketball Club.
(6.)Mr. W. P. Rollings has been appointed Student Representative on the Weir House Furnishing Committee.
(7.)The Executive is considering the revision and consolidation of the Constitution of the Students' Association. Any student having any ideas is asked to communicate them to Mr. C. S Plank. Especially is this asked concerning the qualification for membership of the Students' Association, because members of the Professorial Hoard have recommended that membership should be restricted to those students who are actually attending lectures.
(8.)The Library has been kept open three evenings a week during the vacation, but practically no students have availed themselves of this facility provided for them.
(9.)At a meeting of the Executive on Monday, May 9th, the Chairman and two other members of the Professorial Board were present. It was agreed that a recommendation be made to the Professorial Board that it would be an offence to bring liquor into the College grounds during dances and other College functions, and that any student violating this rule should be reported to the Professorial Board.

Yours truly,

Julia M. Dunn,

Hon. Secretary, V.U.C.S.A.