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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.

He. v. Her

page 4

He. v. Her.

Is Woman on the wane? Is she about to be ousted from the field where shekels are to he won? Well, it certainly looks like it. tor the Press never lies. We and all of us have lately been reading that too many girls are employed and are purloining lucrative jobs from men; though (mark this, girls!) men make the best typists and stenogs, besides excelling in other tasks. If this goes on we'll soon be hearing that men make the best school-mistresses, and then—goodbye co-ed.! Our pulse quickened and our breath came in short, gusty gasps when we read the startling and revolutionary epigram that "the place for the woman is in the home." Inexorable truth in it. too; and we were stirred to the depths and strained to the heights when we came across the pronouncement that "thank God, the men of today have carried on their business in the past!" British pluck, that's what does it. Let us hope that the men of the past will come to the fore and return the compliment by carrying on the business of the future.

What. then, is there for the girls to do? Head a little further, and we'll see: "Let the girls stay home and be the mothers." We hadn't thought of that, but it certainly is an idea. It would be a scandalous thing to leave that sort of thing for the men. Couldn't the Debating Society do something and stage a winning debate to the effect that University Graduates make the best mothers and mothers-in-law ?

The argument that has been put forward that men would be more efficient in the positions now occupied by women (among whom efficiency is stated to be unknown) is hardly worth consideration, though we confess we can't quite get past that age-old mumbo-jumbo about the Woman and the Home; we imbibed it with our bottle in our cradle.

However, we propose to forget our cherished ideas of chivalry and have a tilt at the question from an entirely novel and impartial angle. We dare hazard a wide conjecture that at least half of the money earned or stolen by men is spent on women (God bless them!), but we most vehemently doubt whether any one in Christendom would perjure his soul by hinting that half or even a tithe of the money earned by or given to the world's women is lavished on the world's men (poor devils!). Little mathematical sagacity is required to deduce from this that women as a sex get the better half of the rills of money that trickle from the world's coffers, though the honoured office of "better half" was never intended thy men) to be other than a purely honorary position.

Yet there is a stout, unblushing paradox which says that the Woman always pays! Naturally the men are feeling a little piqued about all this, and it is small wonder that they are foaming with eagerness to enshrine in their kitchens once more "the hand that rocks the cradle." and. we might add, stirs the porridge.