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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1932. Volume 3. Number 3.


Whose magazine is this, anyway? Whose views does it express? It calls itself, ambitiously, the "Organ of Student opinion." but issue after issue it lumbers heavily along under the sweated labour of two or three pen-pushers.

"Let us look this horse in the mouth and see where the screw is loose!" we muttered grimly. We stopped, looked, and listened; and after exhaustive calculations of great mathematical exactitude we discovered the amazing fact that apart from Club matter the average contribution per student per month is barely one word! For the Mecca of wit and learning it's—well, something on this side of the verbose, don't you think? We were so overcome that you could have knocked us down with a sledge hammer.

Ideas are like money—futile unless circulated. Is Victoria College going to let her Pierian Spring of Thought cream and mantle like a standing pond? Not on your life! So roll up, old tops and topsies. and make a "wee bit ripple!"

If they would, the students could make 'Smad" a magazine teeming with original wit and stimarting thought, instead of leaving it to languish as a dumping ground for pot-boilers.

If you're wrong or if you're right,
"Smad's" the place to air your views.
If you've thought of something bright,
"Smad's" the place to spill the never