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Victoria University College Capping Programme 1931

College Songs

page 3

College Songs

The Songs of Victoria College.

Aedem colimus Minervae
Acti desiderio
Artes nosse liberales
Hoc in Hemispherio
Aedem colimus Musarum
Sub Australi sidere
Nos a Musis maria longa
Nequeunt dividere.

Oh Victoria, sempiterna
Sit tibi felicitas
Alma Mata, peramata
Per aetates maneas.

Studiosi, studiosae
Captant sapientiam
Circa venti turbulenti
Auferunt desidiam.
Omnium Collegiorum
Surgit hoc novissimum
Ergo vires juveniles
Exhibent fortissimum.

Corpus sanum ne sit absens
Properamus ludere
Subter jugum occupantes
Fuste pilam trudere.
Voces dignas Cicerone
Audias effundere
Oratores, Oratrices
Et sellas pertundere.

page 4

Sports' Chorus.

When the air's like wine in sunny weather,
And the winds blow cobwebs from the brains;
When Latin's folly and Law's terror
And the blood goes dancing through the veins,
Then hey! for where your fancy races
Away from the city's stifling grip
To the playing fields and open places
And let the world of toilers slip!

Then here's to the long white road that beckons,
The climb that baffles, the risk that nerves,
And here's to the merry heart that reckons
The rough with the smooth, and never swerve!

Be it hockey-stick or oval leather,
Or skiff or racquet, rod or gun,
Here's luck to the sport we've had together,
For the chances lost and battles won;
For the wicket true, and field in fettle.
And the man who's safe for a tingling catch,
For the losing team that shows its mettle,
And the man who wins his heat from scratch.

page 5

Final Chorus.

Just one stave more, and the song is done,
A stave for the olden time,
One age has passed, and the age to come
Is the age of the Golden prime.
So praise we the men who have passed away,
Who held to a legend bold
Whatever a sordid world may say,
Wisdom is more than gold.

(Chorus (to be sung twice).
So when we are singing of College,
Singng the songs of old,
Think of the past,
Hold to the last,
That it's wisdom that's more than gold.

For this is the burden of the world
Which it speaketh day by day,
Though many a worldly lip be curled
With a sneer that it does not pay.
In our ears is the voice of a Mammon age,
In our hearts is a tale that's old,
The tale of our garnered heritage—
The Wisdom that's more than gold.