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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1931. Volume 2. Number 4.

V.U.C. Dramatic Club

page 11

V.U.C. Dramatic Club

Prior to the production of the "Dark Angel" in the Blue Triangle Hall, three good readings were held, the plays read being "And so to Bed," "Canaries Sometimes Sing." and "Murder on the Second Floor." Miss Sinclair Breen and Mr. D. G. Edwards in "And so to Bed." and Miss Vera Cooper in "Canaries Sometimes Sing" read excellently.

A word to students re "The Dark Angel." This year the club's production was a wonderful success from the artistic viewpoint, not, however, from the financial one. The excellent work that Miss Mary Cooley put into the production did not go unrewarded, as it was acclaimed on every side as the best play 'Varsity has ever produced. The support of the students could have made a financial loss into a financial gain, but this year the percentage of students who attended was less than last year, when 10 per cent, of the audiences were students.

As "The Dark Angel" is reviewed elsewhere in this issue, the writer would like to bring before the notice of students that the club is producing another three-act play. "Rope" (Hamilton, on 14th and 15th August.) The story centres around two radical students, who, in search of new sensations, decide to follow Nietzsche's idea of living dangerously. They commit murder, a motiveless murder, the murder of a harmless fellow undergraduate. Not content with that, they hide the corpse in a chest, and invite his relatives and friends to participate in a meal off it. From here the play moves on to a startling denouement. The play is being produced by Mr. D. G. Edwards, and included in the cast are many well known members of the club; Misses Ola Nielsen and Dorothy Martyn-Roberts, and Messrs. R. Bannister, M. Riske, and N. Hannah.

Be sure and give "Rope" your support.