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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1931. Volume 2. Number 4.

Biographical Notes on the New Execuctive

Biographical Notes on the New Execuctive

W. P. Rollings, President.—"A stout old Tory, but a gentleman for all that." His sole vices are crumpets dripping with butter and enormous quantities of Mayams.

Miss Helen Dunn, Women's Vice-President.—There is no truth in the rumour that the recent slip behind the gym. was occasioned by Miss Dunn's threatening not to attend an executive meeting. The back seat driver holds no terrors for her—you see when the front seat of the car passes Kirk's the rear portion is just rounding Perrett's corner.

Miss Mildred Brings, Committee-woman.—Is at present crooning sadly, "Peela Punkan Eela," etc. Skin at present in very reduced state.

Miss Cathie Forde, Committee-woman.—Has a broad outlook on life, is equally at home in the midst of Sunday Band Concerts and Plunket Medal Contests.

Miss Margaret Gibbs, Committee-woman.—Confesses she was much touched by Peter Dawson's rendering of "The Sergeant-Major."

H. J. Bishop, Men's Vice-President.—Follows a pipe round with a merry smile. Once a pillar of the Haeremai Club, has now reformed and is rumoured to be the S.C..M's latest convert.

F. Cormack, Committee-man.—Very versatile. Plays as full-back in the afternoon, and in the evening as an amorous poulterer ne pug, with equal dis-tinction.

C. S. Plank, Committee-man.—The human dynamo—was once a veritable Guy Fawkes. Is now repentant and could give all New Zealand and half Aus-tralia jobs in opening library doors, hacking the earth around for a new Wimbledon and building a Palace of Pleasure. We are not surprised he thinks highly of Ruskin.

A. C. Jessep, Treasurer.—Holds the hungry grant seekers at bay with one hand and reads all sorts of interesting things from the other.

See Ralph Bannister as murderer No. 1.

R. J. Reardon, Secretary.—The person is unknown to us and the only information we have extracted after diligent search is that he is rumoured to trot like a spaniel and is much given to moving speech.