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The Spike or Victoria University College Review Silver Jubilee 1924


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This Silver Jubilee number of "The Spike" has been produced, and is issued, in the spirit of the Jubilee: it is hoped that it will be bought and read in that same spirit.

It was necessary to write many months in advance to past students in various parts of the world to permit of their contributions reaching Wellington in time for publication at Easter 1924. Those who responded did so with enthusiasm born of a genuine desire to show their gratitude to and affection for their alma mater. Let one graduate who wrote as follows speak for them all: "I am enclosing a message. It is difficult to know what would be really suitable and worth while. Anyhow, the message I send comes from a grateful heart. College meant everything to me. The friends of those days are friends still though the seas divide."

It was hoped that the founder and first editor of "The Spike," H. H. Ostler, of Auckland, would have been a contributor, but he returned from an extended trip to England and Africa only just as "The Spike" was going to press, and it was not possible to get in touch with him before.

Untimely death prevented Dr. E. E. Rigg, Government T.B. Officer for the County of Lincolnshire, from carrying out his expressed intention of contributing an article.

Contributions promised by Dr. Mary R. Bark as of the Maudsley Hospital, London, and Miss Esma North (who was at the Sorbonne in Paris when she last wrote) have unfortunately not arrived in time for publication.

The wreck of the "Kaeo" last October and the intervention of the hurricane season have effectually cut off all communications with Niue Island for some months, thus preventing its Resident Commissioner, G. N. Morris and his wife (nee Miss Maude Cox) from forwarding a promised contribution.

All of which is most disappointing—but must be accepted in the spirit of the Jubilee.