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The Spike or Victoria University College Review Silver Jubilee 1924

University Training for Mothers

University Training for Mothers

The following extracts from letters received from three past students of V.U.C. are published for the consideration of the Senate when they are next "reforming" our educational system:

Mother No. 1 writes:

"....I still intend coining at Easter. Indeed I am very keen on making the trip, but experience has taught me not to count too eagerly on some anticipated pleasure, for as sure as I do, Billy gorges on green plums and has a pain, or Peggy poisons her foot or some such catastrophe happens to the young X....'s. But of course these trifles will be ignored at Easter.

Speaking of children, I have three lovely kiddies (I think), but they have been a great handful. I often think how little our College education fits us for the rearing of a family. At present I am wishing my studies under Professor Easterfield had taught me a scientific method of effective punishment for my youngest son aged six...."

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Mother No. 2 writes:

" .... Much as I should like to be present with you all next Easter it seems quite beyond managing: having foolishly burdened myself with a husband and family they have to be looked after, and holiday time is the time they are absolutely on my hands. Isn't it a pity they won't go into cold storage!... If some unforeseen chance lets me come to Wellington next Easter I shall be delighted.... "

Mother No. 3 sends the following:

" ...We wish we could be with you next Easter but as the only thing that could force us to New Zealand would be violent illness of the children, you will agree that "to stay at home is best." My husband tells me he has told you that we shall send something for "The Spike"—if only a message of greeting. For myself, the culmination of my university training expressed in Maths, is that

2 children plus 1 equals 3 children.

In English literature, my knowledge extends from

"Ah.... goo.... boo" to "yah,"

and in psychology I do not yet know whether spasmodic yelling accompanied by violent kicking and fisticuffs indicates "hunger" or "overfeeding."

At present our newest hopeful more resembles Bill M . . . y (with hints of George R-b-y) than any of our family: from this likeness she may turn out to be a future premiere stateswoman.

.... With best wishes for a great success in your V.U.C. work ..."