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The Spike or Victoria University College Review Silver Jubilee 1924



...I well remember Professor Mackenzie allowing me to sit for my second year's terms in his library, when I missed his 5 to 6 exam. on the day one of the South African Contingents left the Wellington wharf.

Anyhow I know I turned up as the students were departing, and had enough sense to speak to nobody. The dear old Prof. (who used to weigh the essays) took me home and placed me in his study. I never forgot his trust in me and needless to say did not commit any breach of it, but his reliance on my honour has been a lesson that has been of the greatest value to me in life.

One other incident—about dear old classical Brown—I wanted to play in a cricket match, and if I had failed terms in Latin, I had another "swinger" subject .to get in on the afternoon of the match. At midday I had the cheek to ring the Prof, and tell him why and ask him if I might safely take it for granted I had passed in Latin. His reply was "well, if you want to play cricket, I suppose you must. You have passed, but you don't deserve to."