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The Spike or Victoria University College Review Silver Jubilee 1924

[Letter from John F. G. Richards]

.... Your letter recalling former days at Victoria College stirred the pulse and created a glow of pleasure that even its emphasis of eighteen years already sped since then could not obliterate. Some of my happiest recollections centre around those Saturday afternoon working parties engaged in removing some of the "clay patch" to make room for tennis courts. These were unfinished when I left for England so the reward was of that pure sort that resides solely in the spirit of the effort.

Much tumult has arisen in the world since those days, the wealth of nations has disappeared in smoke and noise, and great treasure of life has gone untimely to destruction. No small part of that loss fell on Victoria College, and I am glad you or rather we are to remember it fittingly in the Memorial Window. I hope, too, there will be a record of all who served; these are all in the same order of Chivalry, risking all for an ideal.

I regret that circumstances will almost certainly prevent my coining down but there are numbers I would delight to meet again and should I not be able to come it will be some consolation to read about the celebrations in "The Spike" for which I enclose a postal note. If your guarantee is called 011, ask again and you will not ask in vain.

May the old College go on with renewed vigour teaching men and women how to live and serve their day and generation.

John F. G. Richards

* * * * *