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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, Annual Extravaganva July 1923

[list of chorus members]

Women: E. Ballingall, G. Beggs, A. Brown, M. Bruce, J. Campbell, B. Cartwright, B. Clarke, C. Connors, S. Cranmer, V. Craven, E. Davies, G. Day, I. Dent, V. Elliott, M. Fabian, N. Fowler, D. Fox, I. Godfrey, M. Gormley, E. Grenside, E. Griffin, D. Goldfinch, K. Harvey, L. Keeble, K. King, F. Lamb, J. Leslie, L. Leslie, P. McAteer, A. McDonald, I. McLennan, E. Meads, T. Mills, U. Moynihan, P. Neale, E. Newton, B. Norris, A. Paterson, E. Paul, E. Pope, J. Purdie, K. Reece, H. Sport, M. Tracey, D. Vealie, F.Wallace, P. Watson, E. C. Wilson, M. Wilson, F. Maclvor, P. N. Neale.

Men: Atmore, R. Y. Baillie, H. J. Butler, D. Brooker, J. F. Gavin, Haggett, V. J. Henderson, Kennard, C.I. Masters, J. F. Paul, A. D. Priestley, M. S. Pitkowsky, J.A. Reid, Pope, A. M. Wilson, W. E. Wilson, D. Veitch, G.C. Phillips, T. R. Frazer, P. Brookes, A. V.Jenkins.

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Verse 2.
Semi-Chorus B—
Omah, Egypt's scared cat,
Semi-Chorus A—
Lord Opah, despotic bureaucrat,
Our offerings receive.
Semi-Chorus B—
Omah, milk from Council store,
Here we uplift, thick with cream galore.
Receive our gift be swift,
Our woes relieve.
Brand new Girls' College,
Hataitai tunnel,
Send us someone'll
Our needs acknowledge
This generation.
Clock for our Town Hall,
Hear supplication.
O Lord! to crown all,
Where's our new station?