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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1914

Aedem Colimus Minervae

page 15

Aedem Colimus Minervae.

Here we worship wise Minerva,
Prompted by a love sincere,
For the liberal arts and graces
In this distant Hemisphere.
At the Muse's shrine we worship,
Here beneath the Southern Star;
Nor can all the leagues of ocean
From the Muses us debar.

Student lads and student lasses
Here for wisdom strive and pray,
While the winds that whistle round them
Quickly drive dull Sloth away.
This of all the Homes of Learning
Lifts her head the latest born:
Whence the strength and youthful vigour
That her every act adorn.

May the name that marks her scholars
Be to them an omen fair,
And their toil by Heaven's favour
Fruit for queen and country bear.
Through the thorns and tangled mazes
Of all learning, old or new,
Reverend and wise professors
Give their faithful flocks the clue.

And that health may not be wanting,
Games we play with heart and soul,
Keen to lodge the flying leather
In the adversaries' goal.
Speakers, too, and speakeresses—
One may hear them, far aloof,
With their Ciceronian thunder
Almost bringing down the roof.

Happy fortune, O Victoria,
Ever on thy steps attend,
And thy children's love embrase thee,
Alma Mater, to the end!