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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1914

The Editors Aneasy Chair

page 48

The Editors Aneasy Chair.

The production of the current number of the Spike has been attended by a number of minor difficulties, which have slightly disturbed the peace of mind of the Magazine Committee. They have also affected the secretaries of clubs; at least we surmise that this is so, from the reports we received.

We want to grumble a little. It is very easy to grumble, but we cannot help mentioning one or two grievances (more or less real). Our first is that only a very small number of students attempt to write anything for the Spike. The reasons given are many and varied—so many and so varied that we are certain that, in a few cases, their authors would be successful as writers of fiction. Our benisons be upon those who sent us in articles! But there is something rotten in the state of Denmark when the number of contributors who are actually attending lectures can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We do not wish to stress the fact; but we hope this lack will be remedied in the future.

Our second grievance is concerning club reports. Some of them would disgrace a school-boy. We do not ask for typed reports, but we certainly do expect them to be legibly written. When we are obliged to use a magnifying glass and strong language to decipher them, our thoughts on secretaries (with whom really we sympathise as overworked, unappreciated serfs) are apt to develop homicidal traits. These remarks apply only to one or two. One other point about club reports! Secretaries are requested to hand them in by a certain date. They trickle in one by one, some as much as a week overdue, and a wild-eyed and dishevelled member of the Magazine Committee has to try to explain to a weary and patient printer that never-theless the magazine must be "out" by such and such a date. Will secretaries kindly remember?

Enough of grievances. We are proud to chronicle the fact that we are now the "Victoria University College" in name as well as in fact. Accordingly the name has been so printed in the current number of the Spike. It is not before time that our real designation has been bestowed upon us; and we hope that it will be realised by public and students alike that we are a University College.