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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1914

The Printer Man

page 10

The Printer Man.

It was a wilful printer man,
As many such there be,
Both foremen, readers, ops and comps,
And cubs of low degree.

I gave my precious manuscript
That printer man unto,
Desiring him, with many prayers,
To print it clean and true.

He took it with a crafty smile
Into his murky den,
Spent twice two weeks upon the proof—
A bare half-page,-and then

Two lines he printed upside down,
Cut one completely out,
Made pie of six or seven more,
And ended with a bout

Of dashes, crosses, blots and blurs
As though, his patience past,
A burst of wild profanity
Had eased his soul at last.

Come, tell me now, thou printer man,
Who gave this right to thee
To cut, and slash, and interchange,
And generally make free?

'Twould please me well, thou proud printèr,
Were one to take thy head
And twist it round and round and round,
Till thou wert dead as lead.