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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1914

Olla Podrida

page 24

Olla Podrida.

The Princess Pocahontas died at Gravesend in March, 1617. In 1639 she was baptised by the name of Rebecca, and married to John Rolfe, one of the sellers of James-town.—Evening Post.

The date of birth is not given, thank goodness!

* * * * *

Klaw and Erlanger present Lord Chumley in four parts.—Picture Theatre Advt.

What will the craze for sensationalism bring us to?

This is a return to mediaeval brutality with a vengeance.

* * * * *

A resident of Lyall Bay was admitted to the Hospital on Saturday night suffering from slight injuries to his head. The injuries were caused through a collision with a tram-car.—Evening Post.

We trust that the car sustained no serious damage.

* * * * *

Wanted to Borrow, £100, for one year; first-class business security offered; 12 per cent, interest given. Apply G.G., Evening Post.

D——the security. The initials are a sufficient guarantee of respectability!

* * * * *

It appears that Thompson had been trying to force his attentions on Mrs. Ginman. On Saturday he threw a number of bricks through the window of her residence.—Dominion.

A return to prehistoric methods of love-making! The Bench, however, would not appreciate this delicate way of showing affection,

page 25

Mr. F. A. de la Mare, solicitor, Hamilton, notifies his clients that he may be consulted in Kawhia on Monday, 7th inst.

For chronic chest complaints.

—Kawhia Settler.

It only needed the alliteration at the end to convince us that it ivas indeed the "Frog."

* * * * *

To Choirmasters.

Young man from Home, first-class Tenor singer, requires Employment, any kind; wholesale grocery preferred; interview if desired. Apply Singer, Evening Post.

We don't know that it is advisable to advertise as a tenor. These infernal basses are in much greater demand now, even in the grocery business.