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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1914

The First Fool

The First Fool.

When Adam first encountered Eve in Eden's paradise, He hid behind the nearest tree to make himself look nice! And as he mused, this thought within his prehistoric brain Took root; "Although my image, vet she is not quite the same."

That knowing rascal Adam, thus communing, with a laugh,

Began to play detective on his future better half!

Alas! that he could not foresee the fatal apple bite!

Oh! that he had displayed the sense to show his heels in flight!

'Twas not to be! So Adam like a bloodhound on the scent

Chased the pretty little stranger with an amorous intent;

And the outcome of his folly is that every man to-day

Has to follow in his footsteps in much the same old way.