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The Spike or Victoria College Review June 1914

To Mick, an Aviator

To Mick, an Aviator.

Micky, what's this? Have you too caught the fever,
Preparing thus with aeroplane and bomb
To send the Teuton or that gay deceiver,
The Jap, to Kingdom Come?
What blue-eyed maiden from the land of Von,
Her lover slain, will you be taking up?
What Nippon "boy" shall hand around the non-inebriating cup,
And draw, to please you, with Mongolian skill
His native long-bow? Who would now deny
That Hunter's voice may cease to charm the Hill,
And Picken's pen go dry,
When you, who promised so much better things,
Will give your law-books, Garrow's notes and all,
For a propeller and a pair of wings,
Bound soon or late to fall?