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The Spike or Victoria College Review June 1914

Victoria College Amateur Athletic Club

Victoria College Amateur Athletic Club.

The fortunes of the Athletic Club have fluctuated a good deal this year. Throughout the season the brilliant performances of various members in outside competitions led us to expect great things, but for the first time in history, we have had our name inscribed on the "Wooden Spoon." In contrast with 33 points in the McVilly Shield Competition, put up against teams including the picked athletes of New Zealand, in the University Tournament, we scored a bare 7. Incidentally, the scheme for allotting points is entirely different in each competition; this, however, does not affect the main point at issue, viz.: One was a really good performance; the other a poor on To account for this startling difference in the results does not require the genius of a "Mercury." The trouble was that our Easter team included no field men, a position most ably filled in the McVilly Shield contest by "Tiny" Bennett. Next year sve hope and pray that this defect will be remedied.

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Cutting out the Easter Tournament, we can claim, in accordance with the time-honoured customs, to have had a successful year, and a record number of members. Our own sports, in spite of a southerly wind and driving rain, went off very well; and big fields, with close finishes, helped to make the afternoon interesting for those who had braved the elements. Afternoon tea in the College gymnasium provided a pleasant break at half-time, and in this connection we wish to thank all those ladies who so kindly assisted in the arrangements.

Sievwright and Karl Strack are to be congratulated in winning the best performance and most points cups respectively.

The results of the various events were as follows:—

100yds. Handicap.— 1st Heat—K. J. Tait (6yds.), 1; A. East (2yds.), 2. Time, 11sec. 2nd Heat—G. Strack (1yd.), 1; D. O'Sullivan (7yds.), 2. Time, 10 4-5sec. 3rd Heat—C. McNiven (12yds.), 1; C. Wynward (scr.), Time, 10 3-5sec. 4th Heat—A. J. Robinson (10yds.,; H. Tily (8yds.), 2. Final—Tily, 1; O'Sullivan, 2; Wynward, 3.

3 Mile Handicap.—A. Hudson (scr.), 1; H. Williams (180yds.), 2; S. R. Ellis (350yds.), 3. Time, 15min. 36 3-5sec— College Record.

High Jump—G. Strack (2in.), 5ft. 4m., 1; K. Strack (4in.), 5ft. 2in., 2.

120yds. Hurdles.—K. Strack (5yds.), 1; G. Strack (scr.), 2. Time, 17 3-5sec.

440yds. Hurdles.—K. Strack (15yds.), 1; C. Strack (scr.), 2; G. Strack (scr.), 3. Time, 66 2-5sec. (See Prof. Kirk on Heredity and Environment.)

220yds. Flat.—Final—H. Tily (22yds.), 1; A. B. Buxton (22yds.), 2; I. Robinson (3 yds.), 3. Time, 24 1-5sec.

440yds. Flat.—H. Buckley (20yds.), 1; I. Robinson (12yds.), 2; A. East (8yds.), 3. Time, 54 4-5sec. Buckley put in a great finish, and won by about 12yds.

880yds. Flat.—A. F. Meldrum (50yds.), 1; C. McNiven (50yds.), 2; H. Williams (10yds.), 3. Time, 2min. 14 4-5sec. At the end of the first round Shaw (scr.) looked a certain winner, but he had run himself out, and actually lost ground in the second lap. His time for the first 440 was 56sec., which is remarkably good.

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One Mile Flat.—J. Rigg (50yds.), 1; A. Hudson (ser.), 2; L. J. Shaw (40yds.), 3. Time, 4min. 48 3-5sec. Hudson passed all the field in the beginning of the last lap, but Rigg, running with great judgment, hung close behind him, and sprinted past 1:1 the final burst.

Putting the Shot. (Handicap).—W. Bennett (scr.), 1; L. A. Rogers (9ft.), 2. Distance. 32ft. 4in. (Why isn't "Tiny' eligible for Easter?)

One Mile Walk—A. B. Sievwright (scr.), 1; W. Rowntree (200yds.), 2. Time, 7mm. 10 3-5sec A College record. Sievwright walked in his usual faultless style, and won as he liked.

The inter-faculty contest resulted in an easy win for Arts and Science.