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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review 1912

Summary of Matches

page 81

Summary of Matches.


v. Metropolitan.—Won 4—3. College had by far the better of the game, but bad shooting by our forwards and speculating by the backs kept the score down. Griffiths, Salek, Beere (2), scored.

v. Wesley.— Won 9—0. A clay out. Beere (3), C Strack (2), Griffiths (2), G. Strack and Salek, scored.

v. Wellington.—Won 12—4. Pouring rain through most of game. The forwards played splendidly, and overran Wellington. College played one short. G. Strack (4), Griffiths (4), C. Strack (2), Salek and Beere scored.

v United.—Lost 4—2. College and the Referee were both bad. Also missed Burbidge. Smith and Griffiths scored.

v. Wellington.—Won 5—2. In the rain again. The forwards did not repeat their form of the first round. The backs were safe, but should remember it is their duty to direct the ball to the forwards, who ordinarily have enough running to do without having to get the ball from the halves. G. Strack scored twice; three times C. Strack.

v. Government Life.—Won 2—0. Hush! G. Strack and Griffiths scored.

v Wesley.—Won 4—1. "An uninteresting and unscientific display" till the second half, when College awoke, to play well. C. Strack (2), G. Strack, and Beere were the scorers.

v Mets.—Lost 1—0. A hard, exciting game, of which we had decidedly the better. Mets were dangerous on two occasions only. Towards the end, College made frantic efforts to score, but the superb defence of Cleave and Baker thwarted our efforts. By the loss of the game came the loss of a chance for the Championship, re-won by Karori.


v. Hutt.—Won 7—0. Hutt Park is more suited for hide-and-seek than for hockey, and when a pass develops into a succesful putt large scores are impossible. Delamore (3), Hogg(2), Foden (2), were the scorers.

v. Government Insurance.—Won 6—1. McDowall and Castle were the men. Goals to Cleghorn (3), Delamore (2), and Foden.

v Wellington.—Lost 4—3. Forwards bunched affectionately and lost unaccountably. Delamore (2) and Foden scored.

v. Karori.—Lost 4—0. A glorious defeat. Two men short, but the game was even and scoreless until the last 20 minutes. But then we had Thompson.

page 82

v. United.—Won 6—0. We managed without our emergency necessitated by the commercial leanings of the foe, who counted and objected, Cleghorn (2), Foden (2), Delamore and Watson scored.

v. Wesley.—Won 11—0. Result of 1st spell. We were 9 men and Eichelbaum, and Wesley relied unwisely on 5 men and a boy.

v IIB.— Won by default. Kind IIB.


v. Wesley.—Lost 4—3. This was Wesley's only win. Nothing like being unselfish. Kelly and Eager scored.

v. K.Y.M.I—Lost 4—2. Also the only game K.Y.M.I. won. Burgess was our mainstay.

v United.—Lost 7—1. Winder scored.

v St. Mark's.—Lost 4—2.

v Govt. Insurance.—Won 3—2. The other side were 3 short. Eager and Hawkins scored.

College has won two other games, but the modest Captain has sent us no report of these.


v. Greggs.—Lost 18—1. College with 7 men. Lennard scored.

v. Wellington.—Lost, II—1. Lennard scored.

v. Kilbirnie.—Lost 5—1. We're tired of Lennard's name.

v Greggs.—Lost 3—1. Great improvement, and Lennard again.

v. Wellington.—Won by default. Our first win.

v. St. Mark's.—Lost on protest. Ask Foden of IIA.

v. St. Mark's.—Won 20—2. Paying off old score.