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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review 1912



The prospects of the Cricket Club arc brighter this season than they have possibly ever been before. The high position which the Senior Eleven attained to in the Championship, the financially strong position of the Club in its relations with the Wellington cricket Association, and the accession of several new members of proven prowess all combine to make us hopeful for great things.

The abandonment of the proposed tour of a team from Sydney University is to be regretted, but it is quite unavoidable. On the other hand, so far as University cricket within the Dominion is concerned, this season should be a notable one.

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Last year three inter-College games were played. We met Auckland and Canterbury, and Canterbury met Otago. This year Auckland is to play us here, and we play Canterbury and Otago in the South Island. Otago is also to meet Canterbury. Thus, for the first time, a complete University Cricket Tournament is to be played. Members of the Club are again urged to participate in the Southern tour at Christmas time. It is quite useless for the Club to send a weak team down South to attempt to snatch victory from the strong combinations that will be opposed to us in Christchurch and Dunedin.

Only one further matter need be mentioned—finance. And only the stringency of the Club's financial condition causes it to be mentioned here. One does not wish to be at all misanthropical, but it is necessary to remind members of the Cricket Club of the plain duty before them. Every season the Club has to overcome grievous financial difficulties. Here is the position : The normal income of the Cricket Club is at least £15 less than the normal expenditure, and this amount has to be made up somehow. The one method—entertainments—has been resorted to regularly in the past, and will have to be resorted to in the future. Now these entertainments are most lamentably supported by members of the Club. It is an indisputable fact that no member beyond the actual committee assists financially or practically. And this is, as some one has said, very—er—let us say, regrettable But to meet the expenditure there is another method, which the Committee should attempt to enforce this season, and that is this—the rules of the Wellington Cricket Association provide that all subscriptions by playing members shall be paid by 1st November. Our constitution provides that any member whose subscription is in arrear shall be liable to a fine of 2s. 6d. per month up to, but not exceeding, 7s. 6d. in all. If this rule were enforced it would have the salutary effect of causing all players to pay their subs, at once, which is in itself a big advantage, but in addition to this, the extra income derived from the fines of dilatory members would materially assist the Club in its financial difficulties.