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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1912

The Athletic Club

page 88

The Athletic Club.

"Rough, heavy, long the way—deadly the wind,
Deadly the swift, sure palter of the foot behind."


It is only at the end of a season's work that one is enabled to gauge properly its accomplishments. On taking the results as the) appear, the Athletic Club can certainly) claim that it has enjoyed one of its most successful seasons. Assuredly it may be said that an unsurpassed sports meeting was the harbinger of the now famous victory at Dunedin.

Favoured with an ideal autumn day, we all, competitors and spectators, spent a most enjoyable afternoon on Kelburne Park. The competition was keen, the standard good, and the onlookers enthusiastic. The thanks of the competitors are due to all the students and those interested in College affairs who attended our meeting.

On turning to the actual performances, we note as the finest effort the high jump of Hall-Jones, who cleared 5ft. 7 ½in. Had he been able to reproduce his form at the Tournament, a University record would now have stood to his credit. Ashley Duncan, and Brian Goodbehere fought out the sprints, and the latter showed a revival of his old form, and raised many hopes for Victoria College successes at the Tournament. Duncan established two fresh College records: in 100 yards and 220 yards flat races, the times being 10 2/3sec and 23sec. respectively.

Competition for the Inter-Faculty Banner was keen throughout, and exciting to the end. The present holders, the Law Team, suffered defeat at the hands of the Former champions, the Arts and Science Team, which won by an aggregate of 39 points to 32 points.

The Championship Cup, awarded for the "best performance," was won by F. G. Hall-Jones. The Oram Challenge Cup (for the best individual aggregate of points in handicap events) was won by A. T. Duncan, with 9 points.

The following are the detailed results:—

100 Yards Handicap.

First Heat.

R. Bruce, 9yds., 1; F. W. B. Goodbehere, 3yds., 2; G. S. Strack, 3yds., 3.

page 89

Second Heat.

C. A.Davies, 8yds., 1; A. T. Duncan, scr., 2; F. W. Schramm, 5yds., 3.


A. T. Duncan, 1; F. W B. Goodbehere, 2; C. A. Davies, 3 Time, 10 2/5sec.

It is rather regrettable that Duncan was not eligible to represent V.C. at the Tournament, as he was at the top of his form. He has served his time, and everyone will wish him further success in open championships.

880 Yards Handicap.

F. F. Reid, scr., 1; V. J. B. Hall, 50yds., 2; J. Rigg, 10yds., 3 Reid ran a well-judged race in fine style.

High Jump Handicap.

F. G. Hall-Jones, scr., 1; A. East 2in., 2; Longhurst, 3in., 3. Height, 5ft. 7½in.

A fine leap, the winner's jumps going up an inch at a time from 4ft. 6in. Was it the cooking, Fred?

120 Yards Hurdles Handicap.

First Heat.

G. S. Strack, 1; C. Strack, 2. Time, 18 1/5 sec.

Both competitors were off the scratch mark for the purpose of gauging the time.

Second Heat.

J. Bullard owes 5yds., 1; Mackie, scr.,2. Time, 20sec


G. Strack, owes 13yds., 1; J. Bullard, 2; Mackie, 3. Time, 19 4/5secs.

G, Strack showed that he has mastered a correct and graceful style, but the time should be improved.

One Mile Walk Handicap.

A. B. Sievwright, scr., 1; W. J. Clachan, 120yds., 2; G. C Jackson, scr., 3. Time, 7min. 47sec.

The time of this event also shows a falling off as compared with that of the previous year.

220 Yards Handicap.

First Heat.

R. Bruce, 17yds., 1; F. W. B. Goodbehere, 5yds., 2; C. A. Davies, 17yds., 3. Time, 23sec.

Second Heat.

A. East, 15yds., 1; A. T. Duncan, scr., 2; Spratt, 3. Time, 23 1/5sec.

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A. T. Duncan, 1; R. Bruce, 2; A. East, 3. Time, 23sec. A College record.

An interesting race, and an exciting finish.

One Mile Flat Handicap.

T. Rigg scr., 1; V. J. B. Hall, 130yds., 2; J. Rigg, 60yds., 3. Time, 4min. 42sec.

T. Rigg's effort was deservedly applauded.

Putting the Shot Handicap.

Longhurst, 1ft., 1; G. E. Jackson, 1ft., 2; Dudson, 3ft. 6in., 3. Certain competitors will make tine bowlers with more practice.

Broad Jump Handicap.

F. G. Hall-Jones; 1ft., 1; G. C. Jackson, 1ft. 6in., 2; E. Macskersey, 3. Distance, 18ft. 8in.

It is said somewhere: "Look before you leap."

440 Yards Hurdles Handicap.

G. Strack, scr., 1; C. Strack, 5yds., 2; A. East, 3. Time, 68sec. The Strack Brothers appear to have a perpetual mortgage over this race. They are fine exponents over the hurdles.

Throwing the Hammer.

As in the previous year, there was no competition for this event. Surely there is someone at V.C. who will take an interest in this branch of the sports and train hard to aid the Club in its effort to place the event on the programme.

The successful culmination of enthusiastic effort on the part of the individual members of the Athletic Club has placed a standard before those who will have the honour of representing their College on future occasions. Next year the Tournament will be held in Wellington. It behoves every man at Victoria College to determine that he at least will do something to ensure that the Championship Shield of the University shall continue to adorn the hall at Salamanca.