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The Spike or Victoria University College Review

College Officers

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College Officers

Students' Association

Patron: Professor Hunter. President: J. L. Short.

Vice-Presidents: Miss G. Saxon and G. H. Nicholls.

Secretary: F G Hall-Jones.

Treasurers: Miss M. L. Nicholls and F. L. G. West.

Committee: Misses Jenkins, Houghton, and Tennant, Messrs. Broad,

Burbidge, McDowall and Wright.

Auditor: G. W. Reid.

Tournament Delegates: T. Rigg .G S. Struck.

Graduates' Association.

President: Mr. S. Eichelbaum.

Secretary and Treasurer: Miss M. E. Hales.

Committee: Miss Tennant. Messrs. H. H. Ostler, H. E. Evans, and G. Reid.

Auditor: Mr. G. F. Dixon.

Debating Society.

Patron: His Excellency the Governor.

President: Professor Garrow.

Vice-Presidents: M. H. Oram (Chairman) and A Fair (Vice-Chairman).

Secretary: F. G. Hall-Jones. Treasurer: G. W. Morice

Committee: Misses Currie and Nicholls, Messrs. G. G. Watson, A. E.

Caddick and J. L. Short.

Women's Branch.

President: Mrs. McPhail.

Chairwoman: Miss A. E. Currie.

Vice-Chairwoman: Miss M. L. Nicholls.

Secretary: Miss D. B. Hursthouse.

Committee: Misses Jenkins, Lawry, and Isaac.

Tennis Club.

President: Professor T. H. Laby. Vice-President: A. Fair.

Secretary: J. C. McDowall. Treasurer: G. M. Cleghorn.

Committee: Misses J. Scott, G. Saxon and Atkinson, Messrs. S.

Eichelbaum, N. Mansfield, and E. Wright.

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Men's Hockey Club.

Club Captain: C. Strack. Secretary: P. Burbidgé.

Treasurer: G. Morice.

Committee: G. Strack, T. Rigg, and J. McDowall.

Ladles' Hockey Club.

President: Mrs. Adamson.

Vice-Presidents: Mesdames Kirk, Brown, Easterfield, Von Zedlitz, Mackenzie, Hunter, Gray and Wilson.

Club Captain: Miss B. Bisset.

Secretary and Treasurer: Miss W. A. Cathie.

Committee: Misses McKenzie. Shepherd, Sievwright.

Cricket Club.

Club Captain. S. Dempsey. Secretary: P Burbidge.

Treasurer: P. Broad. Committee: A. E. Caddick and J. H. Griffiths.

Football Club.

Patron and President: Professor T. A. Hunter.

Vice-Presidents: Remaining members of Professorial Board, R. McCallum. Esq., and Dr. Hunter.

Club Captain: A. Curtayne. Deputy Club Captain: J. D. Brosman.

Secretary: A. E. Dobbie. Treasurer: H. Fathers

Committee: J. Ryan, W. J. Robertson. W. Rountree, and officers.

Auditor: J. L. Short.

Delegates to W.R.F.U.: Professor T. A. Hunter, W. Perry, and J. L. Short.

Amateur Athletic Club.

President: Professor Kirk.

Vice-Presidents: The Professorial Board and Messrs. J. P. Firth. E. D. Bell, and L. Paul.

Club Captain: J. L. Short. Secretary: T. Rigg.

Treasurer: G. S. Strack. Committee: C. Strack, A. T. Duncan.

Delegate to Wellington Centre N.Z.A.A.A.: J. L. Short.

Auditor: A. H. Bogle.

Glee Club.

Conductor: G. Reid. Deputy Conductor: Miss Clachan.

Secretary: B. Egley. Treasurer: W. F. Hogg.

Librarian: J. McDowall.

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Men's Common Room Club.

Patron: Professor Hunter. President: J. Thompson.

Vice-Presidents: G. H. Nicholls, A. Pair. Secretary: W. Robertson.

Treasurer: P. L. G. West.

Committee: P. B. Broad, A. E. Dobbie, F. Hall-Jones, E. G. Wright.

Christian Union.

President: G. W. Morice.

Vice-Presidents: Miss H. Jenkins and J. C. McDowall.

Corresponding Secretaries: Miss O. Haddrell and P. Burbidge.

Treasurers; Miss K. Houghton and T. Rigg.

Recording Secretary: Miss I. Edwards.

Swimming Club.

President: Professor D. K. Picken.

Vice-Presidents: Professors Adamson, Easterfield, Hunter, Laby, Kirk, von Zedlitz, Messrs. C. A. Cotton, L. W. Ludwig and F. P. Wilson.

Captain: T. Ronayne. Secretary: G. H. Nicholls.

Committee: C. Aston and F. Kelly.

Delegates to Wellington Centre: G. H. Nicholls and T. Ronayne.

Auditor: F. A. Wilson.

Boxing Club.

President: Professor Hunter.

Vice-Presidents: Professors Picken and Laby, Dr. Napier McLean,

Messrs. Beauchamp, Platts, E. D. Bell, Bridge, F. M. B. Fisher,

H. H. Ostler, J. P. Firth, A. L. D. Herdman.

Chairman: J. T. Brosnan. Vice-Chairman: D. K. Hoggard.

Secretary: F. Hall-Jones. Treasurer: C. Freyburg.

Committee: Messrs. Grey, Jackson and W. J. Robertson.

Auditor: G. H. Nicholls.

Physical and Chemical Society.

President: B. C. Aston.

Vice-Presidents: Professors Laby and Easterfield.

Secretary and Treasurer: J. C. McDowall.

Council: Miss Taylor, Messrs. Burbidge, Donovan and Robertson.


Editor: C. H. Taylor.

Sub-Editors: Miss M. Nicholls, Messrs. G. H. Nicholls and G. M. Cleghorn.

Financial Secretary: J. McDowall.

Assistant Secretary: G. H. Robertson.