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The Spike or Victoria University College Review

Bishop hadfield Hostel

Bishop hadfield Hostel

We made an auspicious beginning here with but one vacancy, and the prospect of having that quickly filled. We were pleased to find, too, that under the good influence of the place one of our men of the world had been induced to avail himself of the Laymen's Exhibition for a theological student. As another joined us later in the term, page 41 there are now three theologues in residence. The chequered portion of our existence is to be seen in the fact that two of our number have been for some time bud up in hospital; and one or two others have been turning the Hostel itself into a refuge for the wounded. However, all are well again now.

We have now—and for this we are considerably indebted to the efforts of the lady of the house—at least a nearer approach to a garden than we have had in the past. Our annual dance, with its time of busy preparation, has come and gone; and though opinion must be passed upon it rather by our guests, we somehow feel ourselves that the evening was not a failure. Then we have played our hockey match with the Training College. It is true that here we untrained men suffered a crushing defeat, but the coming football match will give us the opportunity of retrieving our fortunes.

A noteworthy feature this year is the flourishing state of our Debating Society. The night of the election of officers provided a series of stump speeches for and against the use of gowns by the students of Victoria College. The Hostel seems to think they're wanted. Then our Irishmen had their opportunity in the debate on Home Rule for Ireland, but in spite of much convincing argument, in spite, too, of the sweeping statements of the "Evening Post" with respect to the opinion of every sensible New Zealander, so highly sensible a community as ours was decidedly of opinion that Home Rule is not advisable. Debates on the exclusion of Asiatics, and a fortnight later on the exclusion of drink from this Dominion, called forth interesting argument. We would welcome the Chinamen and drive out the liquor.

Speaking of our enemies, we notice that one, the exercise of whose power of life and death in the matter of terms has led to standing feuds with some of us here, has been carrying the war into the region of capping songs. We grant him his point. The Hostelites are not the men to be found yet awile in the land of the Lotus; we much prefer, under the circumstances, to be left behind to live the active College life.

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