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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1908


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"Not so rich in worth as beauty."

Winter's Tale.

Two women playing hockey

IIt has become quite the custom of late years to have the opportunity of congratulating this Club on a successful season, but never has the general success been so pronounced as during the period just concluded. The first XI, probably as expert and seasoned a team as we can ever hope to possess, has won the Senior Championship without a defeat, and might have had an absolutely clean sheet had not the Cravens inflicted a crushing blow as described below. The Second XI has been almost equally successful and is (we of the four teams which have yet to play a final round to decide the possession of the Cup—so far they have a lead of three points. Their success is the more pleasing in that it ensures a supply of trained material for the senior ranks of the future. The lower teams have not been so uniformly successful, but have manfully done their share to uphold the reputation of the Club. We ardently wish that the success of the ladies could inspire the male wielders of the ash with some spirit of emulation. Something might even he done to arrange a course of instruction; such a move would be productive of much profit and enjoyment.

Miss M. Burden was a compulsory absentee from the senior ranks during the second term and her stubborn defence and lusty drives were badly missed on several occasions.

The Senior Championship was won by a margin of 5 points.

First XI Matches.

V.C. v Petone. Won 2—0. Goals by Misses Tavendale and Casey—Referee absent. Petone footballer recklessly filled the breach.

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V.C. v Wellington. Opponents could only muster seven players and defaulted.

V.C. v St. John's. Won 8—0. Scorers Misses Bissett (4), Casey (3) and McIntosh.

V.C. v Kiwi. Won 2—1. Misses K. McIntosh and Bisset scored. Considerable interest attached to this meeting with our old rivals, but fortune was again kind.

V C. v Petone. Won 2—0. Last championship match of the season. Petone pressed hard in the first spell, but sound defence kept them at bay. Our goals by Miss K. McIntoth and a. luckless Petone maiden.

V.C. v Carterton D.H.S. Won 4—0. In spite of defeat, opponents played a fine combined game. Their coach, Miss F. Scott, formerly one of our own shining lights, almost scored on two occasions.

V.C. v Craven School (Palmerston North). This match, played on the Basin Reserve, on the 15th of August, was the best experience our girls have had this year. They were beaten by seven goals to nil. The ground was faster than anything ever dreamt of at Miramar—and so were the Cravens. From the bully off there was little doubt as to which was the better team. The combined rushes of the Cravens—and all their rushes were combined—were on a much higher level than anything ever seen here, even in Men's Senior Hockey. Their passing was as near perfection as possible; there was never a moment's hesitation looking for someone to pass to; they knew where a girl ought to be, passed there, and were never disappointed. A marked feature of their play was that they wasted no time stopping the ball with hand or foot; with the exception of the full-backs and the goalkeeper they all stopped the ball with the stick and always with certainty. The defence of the V.C. backs—Miss L. McIntosh at centre half, and Miss O. Cook in goal were most prominent—was strenuous, but the best defence against a team such as Cravens is attack. There were several flashes of brilliancy by our forwards but the Cravens proved themselves as stalwart in defence as their opponents. Misses Beale, Monckton, Burns and Abraham scored for the winners.

II A. Matches.

V.C. v Ramblers. Won 7—0. Goals by Misses Jackson (3), Lear (2), Elliott and McRae. Ground full of pitfalls and spectators.

V.C. v Girls' College. Drawn two all. An excellent game between well-matched teams. Our forwards in great nick.

V.C. v Wesley. Won 9—0. One forward did not score. Played at Miramar in weather sufficient to cause postponement of men's matches.

V.C. v Kiwis. Won 5—0. Misses Jackson (3), Elliott and McKenzie scored in one of the best games the team has yet played.

V.C. v Hereawa. Won 7—1. Misses McKenzie (4), Jackson, Elliott and Lear enhanced their reputations.

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V.C. v Hinemoa. Won 2—1. Fast and furious encounter, "the game of the season" according to Dixon.—Too tired to catch the boat.

V.C. v Gregg's. Won 4—0. Misses McKenzie and Jackson (3) were the heroines of the occasion. College forwards monopolised the game.

II B Matches.

V.C. v Girls' College. Lost 6—0. Girls' College played splendidly. Petone spectators continually encroaching on side lines seemed to upset us more than opponents.

V.C. v St. John's B. Won 5—1. Misses C. Murray (3), Renner and Magill scored. Distinct signs of combination in our forward line.

V.C. v Ramblers. Lost 1—0. No score in first spell. Heavy rain caused two renegades to retreat and Ramblers seized the opportunity to score.

V.C. v Hinemoa. Won 2—1. This victory placed opponents below our A team in the Cup contest and was the occasion of much jubilation. Miss Renner shot both goals.

V.C. v St. John's. Lost 1—0. Played two "men" short.

V.C. v Wesley. Won 2—0. A game of lost opportunities. College forwards had about 30 "shots."

Third XI Matches.

Results only are given below. The team appears to have struggled gamely against heavy odds, having been continually depleted to fill gaps in the higher teams. The story of their adventures at Karori, Johnsonville and other surrounding suburbs reads like a fairy tale, but alas, our space is limited.

V.C. v Roseneath. Lost 3—0.

V.C. v Johnsonville. Lost 3—0.

V.C. v Hereawa. Won 6—0.

V.C. v Wesley. Lost 1—0.

V.C. v Hereawa. Lost by default.

Another Championship.

Final Results iia Matches.

V.C. v. St. John's. Won 8—1. Goals by all and sundry.

V.C. v. Girls' College. A draw. Score 1—1. Our goal by Miss P. McKenzie.

V.C. v. Hinemoa. Won 2—0. Miss P. McKenzie added both to her "bag" with an ease and skill born of a long season's practice in the noble art.

Victoria College has a final lead of 4 points. Hearty congratulations to IIa.

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Hockey First Eleven, 1908.

Hockey First Eleven, 1908.