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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1908

Easter Tournament, 1909

page 63

Easter Tournament, 1909.

Easter, 1909 (which is not so far distant as you may imagine, gentle reader) will bring in its train two things for the students of Victoria College, namely (1) the privilege of welcoming and entertaining 100 or more fellow students from Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin; and (2) the responsibility of carrying out the arrangements for the New Zealand University's eighth annual Tournament, which will be the occasion of the visit of those students.

The University Tournament has now become such a recognised feature of our College, or rather of our University, life that it should suffice to remind those who are interested:—
1.That the Tournament consists of Championship contests in (1) Lawn Tennsi; (2) Debating, and (3) Athletics (each independent of the others), open to representatives of the four N.Z.U. Colleges.
2.That it was inaugurated in 1902, and is held annually during Easter in rotation from year to year at Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin, and Wellington, in the order named.
3.That is controlled by the N.Z. University Tournament Committee, which consists of two delegates from each College. Victoria College's delegates, G. F. Dixon and J. M. Hogben, are at present Chairman and Hon. Secretary of this Committee.
4.That the Tournament is financed as far as possible out of the gate-money received at the Athletic Sports, the Colleges contributing in equal shares to make up any deficit. Admission to the Lawn Tennis and Debating is free.
5.That only two representatives are allowed from each College in each event, except that in the Ladies' Singles and Ladies' Doubles Lawn Tennis Championships three entries are allowed.
6.That every Matriculated student under 30 years of age who has attended not less than two-thirds of the lectures in any one N.Z.U. subject in the year preceding the date of the Tournament is eligible to represent his College at that Tournament: provided that no one shall be allowed to compete at more than five Tournaments.
7.That, apart from Challenge Championship Trophies, the only prizes given are Bronze Medals, stamped with the arms of the N.Z.U.
8.That all expenses of hospitality (which usually, but not necessarily, takes the form of a picnic and a dance in honour of the visiting representatives) are borne by the local Students' Association in each year.
9.That when possible and convenient, additional contests, such as hockey and football matches, are also held. Such contests are, however, entirely distinct from the Tournament proper.
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For the more effectual carrying out of the many arrangements which require to be made with such a programme, a Local Tournament Committee has been set up, consisting of the following members: G. F. Dixon (Chairman) and J. M. Hogben (Hon. Secretary), elected by the Students' Association; F. A. Wilson and A. H. Bogle, elected by the Athletic Club R. St. J. Beere and A. Fair, elected by the Tennis Club, and H. F. O'Leary, elected by the Debating Society.

This Committee may be relied on to do its utmost to make the wheels of the machinery run as smoothly as possible; but if the Tournament is to he a success, as it should be, the active assistance and hearty co-operation of all our leading students is imperatively necessary.

Help can be given in the following ways:—
1.Billeting. It is the custom to "billet" all visiting representatives who desire it.
2.Umpiring at Tennis. Volunteers, students or friends, are requested to give in their names to the Secretary of the Tennis Club.
3.Arranging holidays so as not to miss the Tournament.
4.Volunteering for odd jobs. Many details will have to be arranged, and men are wanted who are not above small things.
5.Training. Victoria College expects that every student will do his best to retain the Championships we at present hold, and to add to their number. Everyone can Try; and it is worth mentioning that one "trier" last year proved himself at the end of a few weeks to be in the same class with the best long-distance runners in Australasia! Verb. sap.
7.Awakening public interest by talking about the Tournament, and when Easter comes, attending and bringing friends.

The provisional programme is as follows:—

9th April (Good Friday).—Visitors arrive.

10th (Saturday).—Lawn Tennis Championships. Evening: Debating Contest.

12th (Easter Monday).—Athletic Sports. Evening: Picnic.

13th.—Finals of Lawn Tennis Championships. Evening: University Ball.

14th.—(To be arranged.) Visitors leave on return journey.

The game's afoot, and Victoria College must see it through!

We appeal to the Loyalty, the Sympathy, and the Generosity, not only of our Students and Professors, but of our College Councillors and Fellow-Citizens generally, to assist in worthily maintaining the high standard of hospitality which our own representatives have enjoyed at Christchurch, Auckland, and Dunedin successively, since the former Tournament was held in this City, namely in 1905.