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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

A Story concerning Fagaloa District

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A Story concerning Fagaloa District.

Tuitoga, King of Tonga, took Sinavaituu to wife(His wife was the daughter of Tuifiti and Sinasamoa.) They begot Tuitoga-Faisautele. Faisautele married Painuulasi and begot Ulualofaiga and a girl named Vaetoifaga.

Utufanu-nutunutu who was an adherent of the High Chief Tamalelagi went to Tonga and induced Vaetoifaga to come to Samoa. He told her that Samoa, her mother's home, was a very beautiful country and different to anything that she had seen. He told her of the wonderful Vai-mata-iva (water pool with nine eyes.) and of the magnetic stone which rises in the water and scrubs the dirt off ones back when bathing. He also told her of the wonderful trees that stood on the banks of this pool and moved as if dancing. Vaitoifaga was captivated by these false stories and came to Samoe. The real reason for bringing her to Samoa was to marry her to Tuiaana-Tamalelagi. When she discovered her position she said she would not agree to marry Tuiaana without the consent of her brother Ulualofaiga who was in Tonga. When Tuiaana was convinced that she was determined to adhere to her decision he offered to give to her brother the villages of Vaialua and Nofoalii and down as far as Matatao if she would consent to be his wife. She agreed to these terms and was married. She gave birth to Salamasina who was proclaimed queen of Aana after her father's death. Ulualofaiga came to Samoa in search of his sister and brought with him one hundred war canoes manned by the slaves of his father Tuitogafaisautele. He arrived at Afagaloa in Savai'i and this town was the home of Sinaletinae. He learned that his sister had become the wife of Tamalelagi and he sailed to Aana to find her. His sister went out into the lagoon at Aana to welcome him and to hand over to him the villages that had been given to him by Tuiaana. She begged him not to start fighting on her behalf as she was about to become a mother. He agreed and landed with his men and took possession of the villages. The reunion of Ulualofaiga and Vaetoifaga was referred to as “Sootaga mai” which means reconoilliation as the result of pregnancy. After remaining in Aana for some time page 2 Ulualofaiga proceeded to Fagaloa the home of his ancestors. On his way there he had many fights with opposing districts and he always fought from the Uataiala which means the sea side of the road. He was always successful. These victories gave rise to the “faalupega” which is used in all districts “Tulouna a le gatai ala” meaning “compliments to the party on the seaward side of the road.

Ulualofaiga finally reached Fagaloa and there he established a kingdom of his own and he ruled over all the people of Fagaloa. It was of him that Fonoti sought assistance (which was granted) when he was defeated by Samalaulu for the Kingship of Samoa. He finally defeated Samaluulu and was made King of Samoa under the title Fonoti. In return for the services rendered, Fonoti granted Ulualofaiga complete power over Fagaloa District and in addition he gave Ulualofaiga the village of Amanave in Tutuila. This village is controlled in this manner right down to the present day and the authority as recognised by the American Government. The title Vaa-o-fonoti was also given to Ulualofaiga by Fonoti as a name for his war canoe and this title distinguishes the District down to the present day.

E.R. 24th March 1932.
As written by Fonoti, the present Faipule of Vaa-o-Fonoti District