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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The Evil Spirit of Sasavaimuli

page 9

The Evil Spirit of Sasavaimuli.

The village of Sasavaimuli was abandoned by the people about 200 years ago. This village was situated inland of Vailuutai and near it was an area of land called Pua so named from a Pua tree which grew there. This tree was the home of some powerful spirits and these spirits roamed about the country during the day and returned to the tree as soon as darkness had fallen. This spot was much feared by the people of Sasavaimuli and when they went to their plantations near the tree they worked as hurriedly as possible and always returned to the village before nightfall or before the spirits had made their appearance. For many generations the villagers went in fear of these evil powers; but one day they conceived the idea of cutting the Pua tree down and so causing the Spirits to vacate the spot. A number were chosen to do the work and they duly repaired to the spot where stood the Pua tree and felled it. As soon as the stone axes of the workmen out into the tree, blood blowed and the tree was at last felled. On the afternoon of the day on which this work was done the Spirits returned to the tree as was customary, only to find that it had been destroyed. They discussed the matter and decided to find out who were responsible by a smelling process. They further decided to kill all those who had done this thing. All this came to pass and an a result the people of Sasavaimuli did not again congregate at their village. Those who were not killed quickly vacated their village and went to respective members of their families in other villages near and far and they have remained there down to the present day. Some are at Iva, Salelavalu and other villages in Savai'i and others went to Falealili, Vailuutai, Faleatiu and Fasitootai and other villages in Upolu. Those who reside at Vailuutai, Faleatiu and Fasitootai are the heirs of the village of Sasavaimuli.