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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Why The Ends Of Samoan Houses Are Round

Why The Ends Of Samoan Houses Are Round.

During the time of Tagaloalagi the houses in Samoa varied in shape and this lead to many difficulties for those who wished to have a house built in a certain manner. Each carpenter was proficient in building a house of one particular shape only and it was sometimes impossible to obtain the services of the carpenter desired. A meeting of all the carpenters in the country was held to try and decide on some uniform shape. The discussion waxed enthusiastic and as there seemed no prospect of a decision being arrived at it was decided to call in the services of Tagaloalagi. After considering the matter he pointed to the dome of Heaven and to the horizon and he decreed that in future all houses built would be of that shape and this explains why all the ends of Samoan houses are as the shape of the heavens extending down to the horizon.