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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The Origin Of Taro And Authority in Samoa

The Origin Of Taro And Authority in Samoa.

Tagaloalagi and Uluifuga lived in Heaven. Amuamuia and Finatele sent their son Vaea'i up to heaven to ask Tagaloalagi for some water and also the authority to govern the country. When the boy arrived in Heaven Uluifuga asked him why he had come; what is your business. The boy explained the reason of his visit. Uluifuga told him to remain quiet and not to speak to Tagaloalagi when he returned from his plantation. Tagaloalagi returned and asked the reason of the boy's presence. Uluifuga explained that the boy had come on his parent's business and Tagaloalagi asked what the business was and Uluifuga said that the parents of the boy wanted some taro heads to plant on earth. Tagaloalagi told the boy to return to earth and he would send some taro heads by his own boys later on. Vaea'i returned to earth. Tagaloalagi remarked to his wife that he doubted that the boy had come for taro heads and believed that he had come to get the authority to rule on earth. Uluifuga then asked if Tagaloalagi would do as he was asked and Tagaloalagi promised that he would. He ordered some of his sons page 3 to bring some taro heads and to conceal them between their legs. Tagaloalagi said he was in great fear that what he was about to do would become known by other members of his family. He explained to the boys that Tagaloatea would proceed first to earth and he would be followed by Moefano and Imoa. He asked them to be strong and first lower the water. This was done. This was the beginning of Vaituutuu. The authority to govern the earth was later taken to the people who had asked for it.