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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The war between the fish and the birds

page 12

The war between the fish and the birds.

After the Gods had made the fish and the birds, the birds began to prey on the fish in the sea. The fish did not think that this was fair and they complained to the birds. The fish answered that they did not want the fish to come near the shore and up the rivers. The dispuecontinued for a long time and it was finally decided that a was would be fought to decide who would have the pule of the shore and the rivers. The birds all gathered together and went down to the sea to try and kill the fish. The fish managed to kill a bird called the Gogo and the particular fish that killed the Gogo was the Fuga. This fish has a bone in its head that is exactly the same shape as the bone in the head of the Gogo. The fighting continued for a long time. Sometimes the fish drove the birds off and the fish made journeys up the rivers and streams and sometimes the birds were successful and drove the fish a long way out to sea. Ultimately the birds lost the war and made peace with the fish. The fish decided to allow only the Gogo to catch small fish for his food because it was a Gogo which was killed in the war. The birds on their part agreed to allow the fish to make use of the rivers and streams as much as they liked and it was decided that the leader of all fish making use of the streams would be the Igaga. The Igaga is a very small fish and it was the best fighter of them all. This fish is the only one that can swim against the strongest currents of the streams and it often goes right up to the sources of the rivers.