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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The story of the stone that blocked the road round the Cape at Matauea, Safotu

The story of the stone that blocked the road round the Cape at Matauea, Safotu.

At the time the King of Tonga was in authority in Samoa there were six brothers named Savea, Tuna, Fata, Veatauia, Leimuli and Lealaili. They were the children of Atiogie and Tauaiupolu. The King of Tonga ordered them to roll away a huge stone that blocked the road round the cape at Matauea, Safotu. He said that if the brothers failed to do so they would be killed. The first attempt to move the stone failed and Lealali said “let someone go to Upolu to the son of our sister. The son's name was Ulumasiu. He was found in the house of his father Tagaloa at Falelatai. The matter was explained to him and he went to Savai'i and after examining the stone discovered that it was hollow. He then went to a stream at Manase and caught some eels. He then caught some cuttlefish and seasnakes and on his return gathered some mud. This mud he put inside the stone together with the fish and poking a stick in the hole in the stone he called his brothers to come and roll the stone away and sing the following song at the same time:- Oh eels and snakes and cuttlefish, you must roll this stone away”. The brothers did as they were bidden and the stone was removed. Their lives were saved and they were bidden to go their way by the King of Tonga.