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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Clouds. (Ao.)

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Clouds. (Ao.)

Aolele Scudding clouds.
Aotoa Stationary white clouds.
Ao Clouds
Aolagia Cloudy.
Aopoa Large clouds
Faalolo'i Lowering of sky.
Faufanunu Clouds rising from mountains and spreading to sea in the middle of the day.
Faaulu'ulu Black clouds.
Faavaitausoa Cloudy without wind or rain.
Lagilagá Cloudy
Laloaoa Clouds under the sun.
Malumalu to be overcast.
Másu'e Clouds breaking up.
Matafi Clouds swept away.
Matamalu calm sky.
Paolo Shady of the sky.
Puao Mist
Malutaeao Shaded in morning of the sky
Selesele Cloud bringing rain and squall.
Tautuao Clouds rising and passing over.
Tafuna'ega Clouds gathering to leeward.
Ufiata clouds covering horizon at dawn.