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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The Moon, (O le Masina,) (O le Malama.)

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The Moon, (O le Masina,) (O le Malama.)

Atoa le masina. Full moon.
Aufasa Full moon.
Ave o le malama Moonbeam
Ataatai Full moon setting after daylight.
Atatai Third day from full moon.
Fano le masina. Last day of moon.
Fanaeilele Fourth day from full moon when search made for land crabs called Mali'o.
Fanoloa Moon not visible.
Faatolu To be 3 days old of the moon.
Faasagafulu To be 10 nights old of the moon.
Fana'ele'ele The moon as if rising from the earth just after full.
Fe'tetele The moon a little past full.
Goto le masina The moon on the horizon.
Gasetoto le Masina Eclipse of the moon.
Gase'ele'ele To be eclipsed of the mon.
Gālogālooa'aia Moon appaarently setting and appearing again.
Gase To wane of the moon.
Lio le masina A halo round the moon.
Lagivalea The moon obscured by clouds.
Le'alc'a One night after full moon.
Li'ofigota A halo round the moon.
Lotoatai Moon rising in the dawn.
Māuli. The moon.
Málama The moon.
Màsinaataalai The moon 2 days after full.
Matofi Last quarter of the moon.
Matuatua First quarter of the moon.
Moa Name of a moon in wet season.
Masina Fou New moon.
Malosi le masina Between half and full moon.
Oso le masina Rising of the moon.
Punifaga To be nearly full of moon.
Punifaga The moon next to full moon.
Popoloa A dark night just before the new moon.
Supa Name of a moon in the wet season.
Sauaeleata The setting moon.
Sulutele Between half moon and the last day.
Susulu To shine of the moon.
Tutonu le masina To be overhead of the moon.
Taelo Name of a moon in wet season.
Tilotilo Rays of moon, sun or stars peeping through a rift in the clouds.
Tulálupe Name of a moon in the wet season.
Tatao Name of a moon in the wet season.
Và:Lmsina Time between the old and new moon the night on which there is no moon.
Vaea le masina Half way between half moon and no moon