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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Storms and Winds. — O le afā ma le matagi

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Storms and Winds.
O le afā ma le matagi.

Afā A Storm.
Agi. To blow.
Agipō To blow. at night
Asiosio. A whirlwind.
Avalevale. To blow gently.
Eti To blow freshly.
Fisaga Gentle N. W. wind.
Foganu'u. A night breeze from off shore.
Fa'a[gap — reason: unclear]oi'a Slight squalls.
Fa'aalo To begin to blow a gale.
Faafogaupolu Easterly winds.
Faalaugasegase To die away of the wind.
Faanaunau To be strong of the wind.
Faasinunu The name of a strong wind.
Faatiu A north wind.
Faititili Thunder.
Iumatagi The end of a storm.
La'io'atoa A west wind at full moon.
La'ipupula. A west wind at new moon.
Laulaufalafa A north wind.
Lafalafamoana A gentle west wind.
Lutaluta To be at height of storm.
Mao A lull in the wind.
Matāupolu An east wind.
Matagi Windy.
Matagi Wind.
Matāmatagi. Direction from which wind blows.
Matū Northerly gale.
Mu[gap — reason: unclear]imatagi Place where the wind ends.
Ofaga To blow a fair wind.
Ogamatagi Circumsoribed wind.
Paolo Name of a wind.
Palapu A wind from the land.
Savili A breeze
Seafā A strong wind.
Siuamouli An E. S. E. wind.
Sulu A S. W. wind.
Taumalua To be changebale of wind.
Ta'uta'u A squall.
Talipupuni To be shut off of the wind.
To 'elau N. E. Trade wind.
To'elaulafalafa One kind of To'elau wind.
Toga A south wind.
Tota'uta'u To be squally.
Tuāotoa S. E. wind.
Uila Lightning.
Uafaafogaupolu East wind.
Vāinu'u. N. E. wind.