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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918


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Fana'e To rise of the tide.
Fana'eiti To rise slightly of the tide.
Fana'etutu To be full tide.
La'o To be low tide in the morning.
Mãui To ebb of the tide.
Masa To be low tide.
Masa'i'i To be dead low tide.
Masafãna'e To be on the rise of the tide.
Masafula Midtide.
Mãsatõ Very low tide.
Masatolopa Neap tide.
O'oo'o Full tide.
Pa'ulaea Neap tide.
Sua To rise of the tide.
Suaauga To be a little risen of the tide.
Susu'e Spring tide.
Taio'o A tide that reaches the highest known point.
Taiefauololo Moderate tide.
Taioauli Non low tide.
Taiofeiti Spring tide.
Taiualã Low tide in the morning.
Taifula Falling tide but still deep.
Taigau Turn of tide
Taigulu High tide
Tailealo Tide rising in morning dawm.
Tãilua Two tides.
Taimaui Falling tide.
Taimasa Low tide.
Taipapa'u Shallow tide.
Taipē Dead low tide.
Taipō Low tide at night
Taisala Low tide
Taisua Rising tide
Taisusu'e Spring tide.
Taitaeao Morning low tide.
Taitau Top of full tide.
Taitetele Flood tide
Taitolopā Tide rising a little
Taitū Full tide.
Taivale A falling or low tide.
Tatau To be full tide.