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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

The second marriage of Lagiaunoa

The second marriage of Lagiaunoa.


Lagiaunoa married Lagituavalu and begot Tagaloafonu'u.


Tagaloanofonu'u married Lagilagi and begot Tagaloasuenu'u.


Tagaloasuenuu married Tuilalonei and begot Valavala. This is the boy who a long-legged chair. Tagaloasuenuu became for the first time acquainted with Totoamea where he remained onlay a few days and returned to his father. His son remained on earth.


Lagilagia gave birth to another son whose body consisted only of a skull. This was the skull which fell to earth and was caught by Valavala. The skull was placed on the long-legged chair. Then Valavala gave voice to his wish that the skull should be given a body so that Valavala should have a partner. The skull suddenly developed the body of a boy. This boy as he grew up developed much wisdom. Valavala sked him as he pointed to different points of the sky “where is this.” The boy answered “north-south-east-west-above-below.” Valavala said “Ah! very good, you are an intelligent boy; you know the different points of the heavens.” The boy replied “from your remarks I derive my name of Ituagieseese (different sides of the heavens.”

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Itulagieseese married the East wind and begot Tui; married the West wind and begot Tui; married the North wind and begot Tui; married the North wind and begot Tui. As a result of these marriages the four quarters of the earth were people


Itulagieseese took another wife, Vaisalalau and by her had Imoapuu


Imoapuu married Imoaloa and begot Ilalegagana, a girl. Her work was the making of fine mats. It was this girl who gave a stick to Leapai to use on his journey.


Tuiolalele married Ila and their child was named Sinasegi. This was the woman who controlled the village from which Leapai was splited away and could not be found.


Imoaloa took another wife and begot Salevao. This boy controlled the village of Pulotu. He also explained difficult matters to Liolematefili. Salevao was called a Ghost.