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New Zealand: Acts affecting Native Lands, 1886, 1888-91 and 1894-95

[16th September, 1889.]

[16th September, 1889.]
Whereas on the seventh day of August, in the year one thousandPreamble. eight hundred and eighty-two, a Royal Commission was issued to Henry Tacy Clarke, Esquire, directing him to inquire into and report upon the claims of certain Natives to lands at Poverty Bay; and in his report, dated the third day of November in the same year, the said Henry Tacy Clarke recommended that Wi Pere be granted ninety-one acres of the land, such grant to include the land known as "The Orchard," in the Schedule hereto first described, and containing eleven as and one rood, and the remainder of such land to be made up out of the reserve known as the "Kohe Bush Reserve," if the same should he available: And whereas the said remainder could not be granted out of the said Kohe Bush, the same having been reserved for public purposes:

And whereas by agreement made the twenty-ninth day of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine, between the said Wi Pere and the Honourable George Frederick Richardson, Minister of Lands, it was agreed that the value of the remainder of the land recommended to be granted to the said Wi Pere, amounting to seventy-nine acres and three roods, should be valued, and the acreage of the lands to be granted in lieu thereof should be determined by arbitration, as in the said agreement mentioned:

And whereas the arbitrators under the said agreement have entered upon the matters thereby referred to them, and have awarded to the said Wi Pere the lands secondly described in the Schedule hereto:

And whereas it is expedient to give effect to the said recommen-page 50dation as far as possible, and to the s/headaid award, and to vest the said lands described in the Schedule hereto in the said Wi Pere:

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1.Short Title. The Short Title of this Act is "The Wi Pere Land Act, 1889."
2.Land described in Schedule vested in Wi Pere in fee. The several parcels of land respectively deseribed in the Schedule hereto shall be and the same are hereby vested in the said Wi Pere and his heirs for an estate in fee-simple in possession; and the District Land Registrar at Napier shall issue one or more certificates of title for such land, in accordance with the provisions of "The Land Transfer Act, 1885," in favour of the said Wi Pere.
3.Land to be accepted by Wi Pere in full satisfaction of certain claims. The land hereby vested in the said Wi Pere shall be accepted by him in full satisfaction and discharge of all claims and demands which the said Wi Pere now has, or at any time heretofore had, under the report of the said Henry Tacy Clarke in respect of the said ninety-one acres of land hereinbefore mentioned, or under the arbitration and award hereinbefore respectively mentioned.