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An Epitome of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs and Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand

Articles of Agreement

Articles of Agreement.

1.I, Charles, Baron de Thierry, is sovereign chief of his own territories, and shall exercise all the rights and prerogatives of an independent chief within their limits.
2.No neighbouring chief, or the people of his tribe, shall be molested in person or property; nor shall he or they be compelled to lend, give, sell, or barter anything belonging to him or them without his or their free will and consent.
3.No New Zealander residing on Baron de Thierry's territories shall be deprived of his dwelling, or of the land which he may have in cultivation on his arrival; but he shall ever be protected in the same, so long as he shall not be guilty of open rebellion, or some heinous crime; nor shall he then be removed until he shall have been tried and convicted by a mixed jury of respectable white men and New Zealanders.
4.No New Zealander (except in punishment of offences) shall be compelled to work for any white person but with his or her own free will and consent.
5.No native tribe or government, or foreign State, or Power, shall exercise jurisdiction within the limits of the Baron de Thierry's territories.
6.If any white man shall marry a Native woman, he shall be bound to treat her in all respects as he would treat a white woman.
7.There shall be no distinction betweena New Zealander and a white person; they shall both be considered as members of the same family and shall be entitledto the same privileges and protection;
8.No one shall be molested in the free exercise of his religion.
9.All serious offences shall be tried by a jury of twelve honest men—white persons for white persons and a mixed jury for Natives; and, nine jurors agreeing, a verdict may be recorded, and sentence passed.
10.Minor offences shall be tried by a commission of four honest men who shall sit once a week for the trial of offenders, white persons for white persons, and two white and two Natives for Natives; three agreeing to pass sentence.
11.No person or persons shall cut or take away timber from another's land, without consent of the rightful owner.
12.No person shall on any pretence take possession of more land than is allotted to him or her, without consent of the rightful owner.
13.No gambling shall be allowed.
14.Every settler on the Baron de Thierry's territories shall conform to the laws which it may be necessary to adopt for the safety of persons and property, and for the preservation of peace.
15.On the first Wednesday of every month six: respectable men," previously elected by the body of the settlers, shall assemble to deliberate with the Baron de Thierry on all matters connected with the happiness or prosperity of the community.