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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


Ahuriri, Augt. 24, 1859.
Received from Mr. McLean the sum of Thirty pounds £30 in payment for a piece of1859. 24 August. land belonging to Keremenata and others at Ruahine, the boundaries of which are asRuahine.(Hupata's claims.) follows.Receipt for £30.
The inland boundary begins at Makaroro and runs to Omaunu. Lying within theseBoundaries. boundaries are Mahineatea, te Whitikoroiro, te Mano and te Takapau. The principal name of the land is te Takapau, running on to te Wharekaho.

This is the last of our pieces of land within the lands sold by Ngatikahungunu, that is, of the lands belonging to Keremenata Taukere, Karepa Matiti, Ani Kanara Hinekohe, Marakaia, Hemaima Kura, Hemiona Runga i te rangi.

Hupata Wheao x.


Waka Rewharewha.
Wi Potangaroa.
H. Fitzgerald, Provincial Surveyor, Hawke's Bay, Napier.

Augt. 24, 1859.

Received from Mr. McLean the sum of ten pounds £10 for our lands at te Mano.Receipt for £10. Mr. Cooper is to settle the balance with us and Uhuuhu.

(Signed) Ponatahuri x.
te Hapuku x.


George Friend.

True Translation.

G. S. Cooper, D.C.

A True Copy of Original Receipt and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 29th, 1876.