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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


page 561


All that land in the Province of Hawke's Bay lying within the following boundary; the sea coast from the mouth of theBoundaries. river Esk or Waiohinganga, to the mouth of the river Waikare, thence the said river Waikare to a point distant nine miles in a direct line from its mouth; thence a straight line drawn north west, true bearing, till it intersects the northern boundary of the said Province; thence the said northern boundary to its western extremity; thence the western boundary of the said Province to its intersection with the river Mohaka; thence down the said river to its intersection with the Titiokura path from Taupo to Ahuriri, thence the said Titiokura path to the said river Esk or Waiohinganga; thence the said river Esk to its mouth.

At a meeting of the loyal claimants of the said district and the Government Agent for the East Coast (D. McLean Esqre.) an agreement was entered into, in which it was arranged that certain portions of the above mentioned Block should be retained by the above mentioned loyal claimants, and other portions should be retained by the Government.

And whereas, a final settlement of the question has now been made in accordance with letters of instructions from the Honorable the Defence Minister dated November the 18th 1869.

It is now agreed between the Government and the loyal claimants, that theGovernment lands. Government shall retain all the Blocks and pieces of land hereinafter described, and shown in the plan attached hereto.

1st. All that Block known as Tongoio situated on the North Bank of the Ngaru stream containing by admeasurement 9050 acres more or less, saving and excepting the peninsula known as Whakaari containing by admeasurement 10 acres more or less, which Block of land is reserved for the use and occupation of the Natives as a fishing ground, and as a public reserve and landing place.

2nd. All that portion of the Block commencing at Titiokura running along the watershed of the Mangaharuru mountains to the Heruaturei at the boundary of the Government land at head of the Waikare stream thence along boundary of Government land to Mohaka river, thence up the Mohaka stream to boundary of purchased land at Church crossing, thence along Government boundary to Titiokura.

3rd. Fifty acres more or less on left bank of Mohaka river as a site for Ferryman's house, &c.

4th. One thousand acres more or less at Haroto to include the site of the present redoubt, and five hundred acres surrounding, also a block of 500 acres for Paora Hapi's people to cultivate or such other purpose as Government may desire.

5th. Two thousand acres more or less at Tarawera the same to include the present site of the redoubt and the adjacent land on both sides of the Waipunga stream.

6th. It is further provided that the Government reserves the right to enter upon any portion of the said Block as described in the Schedule for the purpose of felling and removing such Timber as may hereafter be required for Road, Telegraph or other purposes.

With the above exceptions the whole Block described in the proclamation before cited, shall be conveyed to the loyal claimants under the following conditions.

The whole Block shall be subdivided into several portions as shown by the tracing annexed.

The Government shall grant certificates of title for the several portions to the Natives mentioned in the following schedule.

That the whole of the land shall be made inalienable both as to sale and mortgage, and held in trust in the manner provided, or hereinafter to be provided by the General Assembly for Native Lands held under Trust.

Tareha te Moananui.
Manaena Tinikirunga.
Te Waaka Takahari,
and twenty nine others.

G. P. Hunter.

Witnessed by—

S. Locke, 13th June, 1870.
H. M. Hamlin, 13th June, 1870.